Reducing Frost Heave with Capillary Barriers: Interim Results

Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Frost Resistance: A Case Study

Prevention of Materials-Related Distress in Concrete Pavements in Cold Regions

Winter Tenting of Highway Pavements

Subgrade and Base: Some Considerations in Seasonally Cold Regions

Relating Climate Factors to Pavement Subsurface Conditions

Temperature Distribution Characteristics at Three LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sites in Cold Regions

Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membrane Evaluation

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

Engineering Cold Regions Maintenance Equipment for the 21st Century

Design and Operation of Single-Point Urban Interchanges in Cold Weather Regions

Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements

Detecting Cracks by Image Analysis on a Parallel Computer

Design and Development of the HDM-4 Software

Modeling the Frictional Performance of Highway Surfaces Using Neural Networks

A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

Measurement of Seasonal Variations in Subgrade Properties

Characterization of Pavement Materials and Soils Using Gyratory Shear Test

Behavior of Construction and Demolition Debris in Base and Subbase Applications
The design performance of a pavement system is evaluated based on the predicted number of load repetitions it will be subjected to throughout its service life. Mechanistic pavement design...

The Safe Disposal of Fly Ash in Pavement or Earth Structures Not Requiring High Strength Materials
Highway agencies throughout the country face the challenge of safe disposal of various waste products in pavements and earth structures. Some of these waste products can be hazardous to...





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