Space Shuttle
In modifying the decade-old Apollo man-to-the-moon launch facilities at Cape Kennedy, FL, for the forthcoming Space Shuttle mission NASA and contractors made two major innovations: To...

Testing Model Rotorcraft for Overwater Operations

Flight Instrumentation Requirements for All-Weather Approach and Landing

Helicopters — Help for the All Weather Terminal

Avionics and Displays in a Future Airspace System

Boeing Model 234 Seaworthiness

OMEGA: An Economic LORAN A Replacement

The Influence of Larger Air Carrier Aircraft on the Planning at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport

The Role of Aircraft Separation Assurance in the Cockpit

Impactive Load Definition and Design of Structures to Resist Tornado, Turbine, High Energy System Rupture, Missile Impact, Aircraft Impact and Pipe Whip

Impact of Potential Electric Vehicle Market Penetrations on Air Quality

Helicopter Survivability in Overwater Situations

The Problems of Helicopter Ditching

The Introduction of STOL and RNAV to Large Commercial Operations

Two-Dimensional Buoyant Jets in Cross-Flows

Leagal Status of Air Cushion Vehicles

Semi-Submerged Air Cushion Vehicle (SSACV)

1977 International Air Transportation Conference
Proceedings of the Air Transportation Division Specialty Conference held in Capitol Hilton, Washington, D.C., April 4-6, 1977. Sponsored by the Air Transportation Division of the American...

Technology for Aircraft Energy Efficiency

Very Large Aircraft-Technology and Operational Implications





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