Remote Sensing of Mangrove Areas on the Brazilian Coast
Remote sensing techniques are compared when applied on the survey of mangrove areas. The use of LANDSAT MSS scenes from channels 5 and 7, processed by interactive analyzer, allowed the...

A Methodology for Forecasting APM Operation and Maintenance Trends Using Existing Experience
Operation and Maintenance responsibility for the Morgantown, West Virginia Automated People Mover (APM) was assumed by West Virginia University some nine years ago. The experience of the...

Damage Tolerance Assessment of Commercial Airframes
The regulatory authorities now require that commercial transport aircraft structural design be based on a damage tolerance philosophy. A brief history of the development of the regulations...

A Statistical Characterization of Crack Growth Rates of Small Cracks

Environmental Regulations at Santa Monica Airport

Update on Impact Effects in Nuclear Plants Part I—Overview and Need for Integrated Approach
In this paper, an ASCE working group on impact effects in nuclear plants updates the review of this technology contained in a five-year-old ASCE report. In Part I, an overview is given...

Weather Modification Made Easy — A Cookbook Recipe
This paper takes a cookbook approach to the development of a well organized and efficient cloud seeding endeavor, by discussing seven important items necessary for a successful program....

Methods of Ice Control
Ice control is the practice of holding ice in place or directing its growth and movement. Methods of ice control in navigable waters including locks are presented. Ice carried downstream...

Making Aircraft Noise and Land Use Compatible

Water Quality Monitoring of Eastern Sicily's Coastal Zone near Taormina Using Remote Sensing Techniques

European Cooperation in Coastal Policy

A Computation of Unsteady Flows Past an Airfoil with an Upward and Downward Motion

Amplification of Turbulence in Flow Approaching an Airfoil

Post-Buckling Equilibrium of Hyperstatic Lattices

Directional Spectra from Air- and Spaceborne Radar

Integrated Digital Telecommunications Networking

Lightering With Air Cushion Vehicles in Alaska

Ultimate Strength Analysis of Aircraft Structures

The Scatter Factor in the Reliability Assessment of Aircraft Structures

Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Structures





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