Grouting for a 30-Story Movable Structure

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study of Wheel Load Interaction

Using Fuzzy Logic in Aircraft Navigation Systems

Rehab by Helicopter
The City of San Diego's 86-year old Dulzura Conduit has been in almost continuous operation since it first opened in 1909. But by 1984 flow had been reduced to less than 15...

Shape Memory Release Device Experiment

Launch Vibration Isolation System

Acquisition of Subsurface Comet Samples

The Ranger Telerobotic Flight Experiment: Mission, Technologies, and Programmatics

Simulation and Visualization of Martian Rover

Guideline for Automatic Docking in Space

Pavement Design for Rehabilitation and Minimizing Construction Effects on Aircraft Operations

Random Field of Cumulative Damage by Space Debris Impact

Random Fields and Airplane Loads

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

Studies in Guidance, Navigation and Control for an Articulated-Body Mars Rover Testbed

Faster, Cheaper, Better: Teleoperated Space Robots

The Importance of Maintaining Smooth Airport Pavements

Probability-Based Approach for Optimal Inspection of Structures

GPS-Based Control for Space Vehicle Rendezvous
The recent advent of Differential Carrier Phase Global Position System (GPS) sensing has made it possible to determine relative positions of GPS receiver-equipped systems to less than...





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