Emergency Retaining Wall Replacement: The East 26th Street Slide Repair in Baltimore, MD
During a record rainfall on April 30, 2014, a century-old, stone retaining wall between a dense urban roadway (26th Street) and the CSXT railroad track in Baltimore, MD, failed. The stone retaining wall...

Highway Retaining Walls are Assets: A Risk-Based Approach for Managing Them
Throughout history, retaining walls (RWs) have served a vital role in supporting civil infrastructure. The ruins of dry stone walls that purportedly supported the hills and slopes of ancient Rome can be...

Appendix C U.S. Department of Transportation Gulf Coast Study, Phase 2
Back matter pages come after the papers or chapters in a published work. This back matter contains U.S. Department of Transportation gulf coast study, phase 2...

Airport Funding, Passenger Facility Charges Spark Debate Amid Aviation Reauthorization

Plans on Track for High-Speed Rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Ground Feature Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery: How Interferometric Stacking of SAR Can Mitigate Geo-Disasters Along Transportation Corridors
Landslides, debris flows, and other types of ground movements are among the most common hazards to humans and infrastructure. According to the United States Geological Survey, annual domestic...

Applying Scanning Technology to Tunnel Inspections: Leveraging Technology to Reduce the Public Agita
A large number of transit and vehicular tunnels in the New York Metropolitan area were inundated by the tidal surge caused by Super Storm Sandy on October 29, 2012. The storm created major...

Plans for European Shipping Canal Move Forward

British Postal Museum Expansion Will Offer 'Mail Rail' Ride

Grade Separation Project Improves Rail, Road Safety

Long Used in Construction, 4-D Modeling Could Come to Rail Projects

Years After Initial Funding, Illinois Struggles to Develop High-Speed Rail

Managing Geotechnical Assets to Improve Highway System Performance
As geoprofessionals, we have a great opportunity to look at our work in new ways and to show its value to others. Highway agencies are looking to get the most from their assets and with...

Proposed Florida Rail Line Unveils Design for Miami Station

The Transbay Transit Center: Breaking New Ground in Urban Geotechnics
A building boom centered around the construction of the new Transbay Transit Center (TTC) is transforming the South of Market neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, newly dubbed the Transbay...

Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring
The new Transbay Transit Center will include a multimodal terminal serving 11 transit systems and future high-speed rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim. This is an ambitious,...

Anaheim Mass Transit Center Will Feature Soaring Shell Structure

NewsBriefs: Japan Unveils Faster Maglev Railcars (telegraph.co.uk)

Arched Solution Helps Preserve Scenic Views at New York Rail Bridge Replacement

New York City's Mass Transit System Expands





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