Short Takes: ASCE New York Groups Honor Port Authority Rail Achievement

Rail Infrastructure: New Underground Rail Station in Florence Will Feature Transparent Roof

Rail Infrastructure: Rail Station Roof Evokes Wuhan Legend

Rail Infrastructure: Agreement Reached on 'Heartland Corridor' Tunnel Clearance Project

Short Takes: Cleveland Section Spruces Up Rail Tracks

NewsBriefs: Massive Health Costs Linked to Smog Exposure (Los Angeles Times)

NewsBriefs: Beijing Bus Rapid Transit Line Exceeding Expectations (

NewsBriefs: High-Speed Rail Line to Las Vegas Considered (The Victorville Daily Press)

NewsBriefs: Dallas Receives Grant To Expand Light Rail (Federal Transit Administration)

NewsBriefs: Study Defines Better Air Transportation System (Purdue University)

Railroad Performance and Repair
This chapter covers railroad performance and repair. Railroads in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are discussed....

Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development
The Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development is a Chinese language journal that includes road and transportation related R&D academic...

Policy Briefing: Omnibus Bill Boots Transportation, Cuts Water Funding Sharply

Aerospace: Policy Makers Ponder the Future of Aviation

Five OCEA Finalists Chosen; OPAL Lifetime Achievement Recipients Named (Rion-Antirion Bridge; Mubarak Pumping Station; Time Warner Center; AirTrain JFK Light Rail System; Olivenhain Dam Reservoir)

Mass Transit: London's Wembley Park Station Increases Capacity

Cold Region Design: High-Altitude Railway Designed to Survive Climate Change

Mass Transit: World Expo Imagines the Future of Transportation

Urban Development: Miami Projects to Improve Transit Connections

Mass Transit: Roof Brings Solar Power to New York Transit Station





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