Comprehensive Optimization for Operation Division of Labor of Yards at Two-way Marshaling Station

A Simulation System of Train Operations

METROPOLIS: A Dynamic Simulation Model Designed for ATIS Applications

Evaluation of Activity Schedules Policies With the Use of Innovative Dynamic Traffic Models

A Simulation Model of Railway Signal Control System

The Practice of Parking Management in Adelaide

Remote Sensing of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions for the On-Road Emission Estimation and Emission Model Evaluation

A GIS-Based Approach for One-Way Traffic Network Planning

GIS Assisted Truck Traffic Analysis for the Management of Rural Highway Networks

Development and Calibration of a New Cellular Automation Model for Simulation of Traffic Flow on German Motorways (Autobahn)

The Upgrading of ITS in Railway Passenger Station

Simulation Model for Signalized Arterials Using Shock Wave Theory

Traffic Assignment through Microscopic Modeling

Transportation and Air Quality Planning at Lake Tahoe: A Local Perspective

Feasible Improvements to Travel-Forecasting Procedures for Air Quality Analysis

Improved Transportation Air Quality Analysis Methodologies

Mobile Source Particulate Issues: Motor Vehicle Particulate Matter Emission Factors

A New Approach to Intersection Modeling—Flint

Particulate Matter Roadway Hotspots

Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
This volume, Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation contains the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on...





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