Examination of Tree Building and Weight Selection Strategies for a Discrete Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

PIACON: Traffic Control Method with Video Feedback

Recent Advances in Implementation of Machine Vision Technology in Freeways

Freeway Traffic Prediction Using Neural Networks

Prediction of Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Using Recursive Least Squares and Lattice Filtering

A Neural Network Traffic Flow Model for Heavy Traffic Conditions

Clustering Based RBF Neural Network Model for Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Forecasting

Micro-Genetic Algorithms in Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

Simulation and Validation of Four Quadrant Gate Operations

Safety Potential of Smart Traffic Control System

Travel Time Prediction with Non-Linear Time Series

Model Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems: The AZTech Experience

Investigation of the Properties of a New Continuum Theory through Finite Differences

A Methodology for Benefit-Cost Evaluation of Freeway Service Patrol Programs

Automated Red Light Enforcement Programs

Road Pricing in the Transport Curriculum

Traffic Operations During Electronic Toll Collection: Case Study of the Holland East Plaza

A Data Model for Managing GPS Travel Time Data

Building Knowledge (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL) at the University of Colorado provides hands-on engineering lessons for students. Electrical, HVAC, structural, illumination, and...

Applying Integrated Corridor Control in Glasgow





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