Ambient Air Quality in Slovak Republic

Aviation Planning for the 21st Century: DFW International Airport

Airport and Airline Competition in a Multiple Airport Region: An Analysis Based on the Nested Logit Model

Issues Regarding the Compatibility of Airports and Proposed Large and High-Speed Aircraft

The Feasibility of Alternative Hubbing in the Case of a Major Schedule Disturbance: A Case Study Using Austin as a Reliever-Hub for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

Landside Planning at ABIA

Austin Bergstrom International Airport Traffic Control Tower: Establishment of a Major Activity Level Tower

Hahn Air-Industrial Park: A Case Study for Military Airfield Conversions

Methodologies for the Identification of Highway Safety Problem Areas and High Hazard Locations

The Use of the Path Flow Estimator in Multimodal Networks

Travel Time Prediction System (TIPS) for Freeway Work Zones

Coordination Analysis on Transportation Systems

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

The Potential for Non-Motorized Transport in Metro Manila

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

Impact of the High Speed Rail on Domestic Air Travel Demand

An Analysis on a Trial Operation of Park and Highway Bus Ride System in Hitachi Region, Japan

Traffic Management Measures for Guided Bus Operation

On the Dynamic Constitution of the Urban Roadway Traffic and Transportation System in China

Urban Transport in Xiamen, China: The Challenge of Finding an Environmentally Sustainable Transport System





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