Hydrochemical Modeling of Water Quality in a Ground and Surface Water System within a Semi-Urban Watershed

NewsBriefs: N.J. Turnpike Expansion To Counter Growing Traffic Problems (New Jersey Department of Transportation)

NewsBriefs: USC Adds Course To Aviation Security Program (University of Southern California)

NewsBriefs: HOV Lanes Ease Congestion But Can Increase Crashes (Dallas Morning News)

NewsBriefs: New U.S.-Canada Crossing Unnecessary As Traffic Levels Drop (The Detroit News)

NewsBriefs: Miami Considers Port Tunnel To Alleviate Truck Traffic (The Miami Herald)

NewsBriefs: Highway Fatalities Drop In U.S. (U.S. Department of Transportation)

Corebits: Allied Organizations � Geo Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control Conference


Quality Management of Structural Design

Quality Management in Construction

NewsBriefs: USC Scientists Study Ultrafine Air Pollution (University of Southern California

NewsBriefs: Traffic to Flow Faster on New Jersey Bridge (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

NewsBriefs: San Francisco Debuts New Traffic System (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

Construction: Fast Action Solves Traffic Nightmare in Connecticut

Outdoor Human Comfort and Its Assessment
Prepared by the Task Committee on Outdoor Human Comfort of the Aerodynamics Committee of ASCE. This report describes state-of-the-art methods for assessing...

ASCE Expertise Could Help Improve Road Safety

Leveraging Technology: The Use of a Company Intranet and Portal Technology to Improve Productivity and Quality
This session will provide a case study on how Walter P. Moore and Associates is leveraging technology to improve productivity and quality. The session will focus on two technologies, a...

Taking the High Road
Commuters on a congested toll highway in Tampa, FL, will soon have the option of rising above the rest of the traffic on three reversible express lanes. By elevating the new lanes on slender...

Short Takes: Younger Members Tour Traffic Center





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