Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

Cooling Water Recirculation in the Ocean

Cooling by Ocean Water: Model/Field Comparison

Thermal Modeling of the Power Plant Cooling Lake System

Outdoor Human Comfort and Its Assessment
Prepared by the Task Committee on Outdoor Human Comfort of the Aerodynamics Committee of ASCE. This report describes state-of-the-art methods for assessing...

Air Quality Issues Associated with Livestock Production
This chapter reviews the current state of the art on air quality issues associated with animal waste containment. Outdoor waste storage and treatment systems are emphasized. Air quality...

Book Review: Air Quality Assessment and Management: A Practical Guide by D. Owen Harrop. New York: Spon Press, 2002

Effect of Aluminum Compression on ACSR Conductor Sags at High Operating Temperatures
Deregulation and restructuring are sweeping the electric utility industry in the United States. As a result, many utility engineers are analyzing, re-rating, and upgrading their most critical...

The Contributions of Geophysics to the Environmental Cleanup of the Aviano Air Base

Physical Method to Increase Shotcrete Early-Age Strength

Strength Increase in Soft Clay Surrounding Jet Grouted Soil Mass

High Performance Dampers for Bridges
A multi-disciplinary research study investigates the use of shape memory alloys as seismic dampers in bridges. Shape memory alloys are a class of alloys that display several unique characteristics,...

Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Performance Using LTPP Temperature and Deflection Data

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Temperature Stratification and Density-Driven Circulation in Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

Implementation of Vertical Acceleration and Dispersion Terms in an Otherwise Hydrostatically Approximated Three-Dimensional Model

Emerging FHWA Transportation and Air Quality Issues

National Guidance on the Conformity Court Decision and Perspectives on the Conformity Process

Vehicle Age Impacts on Attainment SIPs and Conformity

The Transportation Element of the Massachusetts SIP

Lessons Learned: The SIP Process and State Department of Transportation (DOT) Interaction





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