A Hydrodynamic Model Calibration Study of the Savannah River Estuary with an Examination of Factors Affecting Salinity Intrusion

Improving Coastal Model Predictions through Data Assimilation

Emerging FHWA Transportation and Air Quality Issues

National Guidance on the Conformity Court Decision and Perspectives on the Conformity Process

Vehicle Age Impacts on Attainment SIPs and Conformity

The Transportation Element of the Massachusetts SIP

Lessons Learned: The SIP Process and State Department of Transportation (DOT) Interaction

Travel Demand Modeling for Conformity in Charlotte, North Carolina

Advanced Practices in Travel Demand Modeling

Customized Assessment Tool for Analyzing Individual or Synergistic Combination Effects of Transportation Control Measures: PAQONE

Mobile Source Emission Reduction Strategies: Where Are We Heading?

Smart Growth Development as TCM: The Atlantic Steel Case

Engineering Your Future
The Non-Technical Side of Professional Practice in Engineering and Other Technical Fields
This book is an essential career tool for engineering and technical students or young professionals. Walesh, drawing from his 35 years of experience, provides valuable advice and instruction...

The Comprehensive Modal Emission Model (CMEM) for Predicting Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions

Responding to Clean Air Act Requirements

SPSA/SIMMOD Optimization of Air Traffic Delay Cost

Development of an Air Traffic Flow Prediction and Display System

Forecasting Trans-Pacific Air Traffic by Grey Model

Financial Modeling Techniques for Use in Aviation Strategic Planning

Hierarchy/Types of Airport Models and Simulation





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