Planned EPA Research in Urban Watershed Modeling

Performance Measures for CSO Control

Sheetflow Water Quality Monitoring Device

Economic Analysis for Stormwater Quality Management

Evaluation of the Technical Equivalency of Engineered Phyto-Cover Systems to RCRA Landfill Caps

Stormwater Management of Urban Watershed

Current Status and Best Management Practices for American Catchment Systems

Public Perceptions of Water Pollution Threats and Experts as Mitigators

Urban Runoff Quality Management
This manual comprises a holistic view of urban runoff quality management. For the beginner, who has little previous exposure to urban runoff quality management, the manual covers the entire...

Gas/Groundwater Interactions at Landfills

Managing Urban Biosolids: Beneficial Uses

Deep Tunnel's Twists and Turns-CSO Control in Metro Chicago

Research and Design Activities in Support of the Chicago Underflow Plan McCook Reservoir Aeration System

Development of Instream Flow Requirements for Summer River Temperature Control at the Platte River, Nebraska

Development of an Integrated Toxic Loading Permit Model for both Municipal and Industrial Applications

The Arid West: Water Quality Research Project (WQRP)

Monitoring and Modeling Bio-Available Phosphorus in an Effluent Dominated River

Using Distribution System Modeling to Evaluate Treatment Plant Disinfection By-Product Control Strategies

An Approach for Water Quality Management Using Simulations with Spatially Distributed Data

The Evolution of Flood Risk and Erosion Damage in the Shaker Lakes/Doan Brook Urban Watershed





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