State-of-the-Art of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Aggregates for Construction from Vitrified Chromium Contaminated Soils

The Effect of the Interfacial Transition Zone on Concrete Properties: The Dilute Limit

Rheology of Fresh Concrete

Size Effect Determination of Macrofracture Characteristics of Random Heterogeneous Material

A Fundamental Study on the Discontinuities and Heterogeneities of Asphalt Concrete

Simulation in the Alberta Construction Industry

RCC Overlays for Embankment Dams

Impacts of Sand and Gravel Pits on Low Streamflows

Oxnard Airport Asphalt and Base Course Recycling

Mix Testing and Analysis Systems Resulting from SHRP Contract A-003A

The Construction of an Ash Pavement in Shelton, Connecticut

Nuclear Gage Tests on Soils Containing Various Sized Aggregates

Effect of Large Inclusions on Liquefaction of Sands

On the Evolution of Torsion Texture and Yield Loci in F.C.C. Polycrystals with the Taylor Model: A Comparative Study of Hardening Theories

An Approximate Yield Surface Representation for Planar Flows

Experimental Study of Micro-Element for Concrete

RCC Mix Design with Aggregate Base Course

Utilization of Phosphogypsum-Based Slag Aggregate in Portland Cement and Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures
This study centers around the potential utilization of phosphogypsum-based slag aggregate as a substitute for coarse aggregate in both portland cement and asphaltic concrete surfaces for...

Managing the Russian River Aggregate Resources
As a result of analyzing the Russian River and its capacity to provide gravel, and through a sound examination of the geomorphology, hydrology, and groundwater conditions, the Sonoma County...





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