320 KW Hydro Power Plant for Tenwek Hospital, Kenya, East Africa
Due to increasing demand for medical care and growth of hospital and staff facilities, a less costly source of electrical power was needed for the Tenwek hospital to replace the diesel...

Transient Analysis of the Finchaa Hydroelectric Project
An iterative computer simulation procedure called LIQT (Liquid Transient), which performs simulations of hydraulic transients in closed conduit hydro-power systems, is used to estimate...

Recent Gondola and Funicular Installations in Parks and Cities

Seismic Isolation of Nuclear Plants: A World Overview
The French were first to apply seismic isolation to the design of nuclear structures. Two large Pressurized Water Reactor plants (PWR) were isolated; the two unit Koeberg station in South...

Reservoir Sedimentation Mathematical Modeling
The main objective for this paper is to show how one can predict the sediment movement, and estimate the volume of the deposited sediments, which is considered as one of the factor affecting...

The Sediment Problem in South Africa Reservoirs
The reservoir sedimentation problem has been studied in South Africa from 1903 onwards. A substantial capacity reduction in reservoirs located in high sediment production regions has been...

Mombasa Kenya Port Expansion at Dongo Kundu

Progress With the Implementation of Coastal Management in Southern Africa

Land-Use Planning and Coastal Conservation in S.A.

First Effects of the Diama's Dam on the Hydrological Evolution in Senegal Estuary, West Africa

Coastal Sensitivity Mapping: A Tool for Forward Planning

Human Impact on the Coastal Erosion Problem in Nigeria

Surfzone Breaker Types, Subaqueous Bar Topographies, and Sandy Beach Transformation on the Nigerian Coast

CLEO Beach Observations and an Application

Coastal Erosion Processes and Evolution of the Morphology: Two Examples in Africa, The Small Coast in Senegal and the Gabonese Coast

Status and Prospectives of Small Hydro Power Development in Egypt
The paper describes the current status of hydropower development in Egypt and its future prospects. Emphasis is made on reviewing the potentialities for small, mini and micro-hydropower...

Modern Technology in an Ancient Environment—The Answan II Power Plant
The Aswan II power plant is located at the old Low Aswan Dam in Southern Egypt. This dam was constructed in the early years of the century in order to provide irrigation water for cash...

Needed Social, Cultural and Design Changes to Successfully Manage Nigerian Surface Irrigated Projects
The aim of this paper is to illustrate the broad nature of problems associated with the faulty initial designs of water distribution network and irrigation methods and poor participartion...

Stream Flow Model for a Coastal Stream in Egypt
The Coastal region north of Egypt contains many small streams known as Wadis which are considered the main water resources in that region. All the Wadis in the north coast of Egypt run...

Hydraulic Model of the New Esna Barrage





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