Experimental Study on Sandbag Stability and Runup
Sandbag model tests are performed in a wave flume to examine the effects of berm-type slopes on the stability of sandbags and wave runup as compared to uniform slopes. Measurements of...

An Investigation of the Stable Weight of Rubble for the Foundations of Vertical Walls under Wave Action

The Model Study of a Cylindrical Pier Under Irregular Wave Action

The Maximum Total Wave Forces on Pile Group

Planning, Analysis, Design and Construction of 5900 Ft. (1800M) Long Causeway for Crude Oil Export

Erosion Control with Saltmarsh Vegetation

Sediment Redistribution by Waves in Lakes, Reservoirs and Embayments

Engineering Planning of Dike and Polder Airports
A dike and polder airport is one constructed on land reclaimed from the bed of a lake or the sea. The area reclaimed is known by the Dutch word polder; a dike completely encircles the...

Surface Dispersion in Wave Flume
The surface dispersion of a floating bead under wave action was investigated by measuring the Lagrangian characteristics using photographic techniques. The experiments were carried out...

Sea Cliff Erosion in Southern California

Soil-Cement for Protection of Shorelines

Sunset Cliffs Stabilization San Diego, California

Opportunities in Engineering and Construction Entrepreneurship for Minorities
The ASCE Board of Direction on October 15, 1978 adopted a policy designed to improve minority opportunities in engineering and contracting entrepreneurship. The essence of the ASCE policy...

Employment Practices from a Minority's Perspective
Although many companies have made great strides in bringing minorities into the mainstream of the organization, in some cases, minorities are still having serious problems with current...

Women Engineers: Here to Stay
Women represent 51% of the U.S. population; 1% of the engineering profession. That is now changing and, consequently, women graduates are highly sought after. But once hired, many women...

Cross-Spectral and Coherence Analysis of OTS Data

Wave Action on the Savannah Tide Gates

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Researches on the Response of Marine Structures under Random Wave Action

Design Considerations for Buried Pipelines Interacting with Travelling Waves

Linear and Nonlinear Wave Action Estimates
The effects of nonlinearities on wave action quantities computed for irrotational surface gravity waves propagating on an inviscid incompressible fluid may be demonstrated on the relative...





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