Shelf-Surfzone Coupling: Diabathic Shoreface Transport

Wave-Current Induced Suspended Sediment Profiles

Fundamental Interactions in the Nearshore?

Wave-Induced Geomorphic Response of Eroding Beaches—With Special Reference to Seaward Migrating Bars

3-Dimensional Numerical Model of Beach Evolution

Overview of DUCK85 Nearshore Processes Experiment

Distribution of Sediment Tracers Seaward of the Breaker Zone-DUCK85

Performance of a Seawall with a Frontal Beach

Behavior of Man-Made Beach and Dune, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Bluff Erosion on Outer Cape Cod

Armor Protection for Rubble Mound Breakwaters
A brief summary of past practices in breakwater armor system design is presented. The limitations of current design procedures for rubble mound breakwaters are discussed and improved methods...

Motion of Sediment Particles in Swash Zone

An Investigation of the Stable Weight of Rubble for the Foundations of Vertical Walls under Wave Action

The Model Study of a Cylindrical Pier Under Irregular Wave Action

The Maximum Total Wave Forces on Pile Group

Erosion Control with Saltmarsh Vegetation

Sediment Redistribution by Waves in Lakes, Reservoirs and Embayments

Engineering Planning of Dike and Polder Airports
A dike and polder airport is one constructed on land reclaimed from the bed of a lake or the sea. The area reclaimed is known by the Dutch word polder; a dike completely encircles the...

Surface Dispersion in Wave Flume
The surface dispersion of a floating bead under wave action was investigated by measuring the Lagrangian characteristics using photographic techniques. The experiments were carried out...

Sea Cliff Erosion in Southern California





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