Freeboard Allowances for Chute Spillways
Allowances must be made for the physical phenomena which cannot be modelled, such as wave action, air bulking, splash and spray; the simplifications of behaviour implicit in the calculations;...

Riprap and Armor Stone

Experimental and Historical Verification of the Performance of Naturlly Armouring Breakwaters
A series of hydraulic model test were carried out to investigate the mechanism by which naturally armoring breakwaters, that is breakwaters in which the initial profile is adjusted into...

Unconventional Rubble-Mound Breakwaters—Concerns
A Seminar on Unconventional Rubble-Mound Breakwaters was held in Ottawa, Canada, on the 15th and 16th of September 1987. This paper is an attempt to summarize the general discussion that...

Shelf-Surfzone Coupling: Diabathic Shoreface Transport

Wave-Current Induced Suspended Sediment Profiles

Fundamental Interactions in the Nearshore?

Wave-Induced Geomorphic Response of Eroding Beaches—With Special Reference to Seaward Migrating Bars

3-Dimensional Numerical Model of Beach Evolution

Overview of DUCK85 Nearshore Processes Experiment

Distribution of Sediment Tracers Seaward of the Breaker Zone-DUCK85

Performance of a Seawall with a Frontal Beach

Coastal Protection in an Area of Salt Marsh Erosion

Behavior of Man-Made Beach and Dune, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Bluff Erosion on Outer Cape Cod

Analysis of Berth Operability by Utilization of Agitation Models
Agitation models are utilized in order to predict the operability of berths for ship unloading purposes. Usually, in such models all ship displacements are measured and when one of them...

Shoreline Protection Through Process Stabilization (abstract))
Considerable analytical work, including model testing, has been conducted to increase understanding of performance and failure. There is a separate category of problems, however, where...

Armor Protection for Rubble Mound Breakwaters
A brief summary of past practices in breakwater armor system design is presented. The limitations of current design procedures for rubble mound breakwaters are discussed and improved methods...

Motion of Sediment Particles in Swash Zone

Dealing with Constraints on Construction Quality





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