The Role of Aesthetics in Bridge Design
The role of aesthetics in current bridge design practice varies widely. Many bridgeprojects in the United States are developed without including aesthetics as one of theproject goals....

Crossing the Hollandsch Diep
The design/build team charged with creating an aesthetically pleasing bridge in the Netherlands for high-speed rail faced tough requirements, among them tight construction tolerances and...

Emphasis on Aesthetics
Architects and structural engineers joined forces to create a large, visually appealing chilled-water plant for high-profile site near the southern gateway to the University of Pennsylvania....

Into the Tunnel
Technological advances in wind tunnel testing and computer-aided design programs are enabling engineers to create taller and more aesthetically interesting buildings than ever before....

Banking on Bioengineering
Geoenvironmental engineers have traditionally used riprap to protect streambanks and river banks from erosion. In recent years, however, river regulators, permitting agencies, and county...

Aesthetics of Fabric Structures

Aesthetic in Mast and Tower Design

Aesthetic Aspects of Stormwater Management in an Urban Environment

Stormwater as Civic and Ecological Urban Framework

Scaling the Monument
One of the three phases in the restoration of the Washington Monument was the design and construction of an aluminum scaffolding system with both functional and aesthetic purposes. The...

Sky High
The increasing demand for personal communication services (PCS), such as digital cell phones and pagers, as well as digital television (DTV), has created new challenges for creating and...

This Time With Feeling
Adaptive reuse has been a buzzword for sometime, but recently, changes in government and military operations and renewed interest in the revitalization of urban centers have pushed the...

Aesthetic Aspect of Urban Stormwater Management System Design

Geosynthetically Reinforced Vegetation: Providing an Effective, Economical and Aesthetically Pleasing Alternative to Rock Riprap

The Aesthetics of Infrastructure: Common Territories

Computer Visual Analysis of Water Resources Projects: A Public Involvement Approach

Specific Aspects of Aesthetics

Stormwater Management and Aesthetics Using Wetlands

Aesthetics of Controlling Erosion in Open Channels

Designing for Aesthetics in Urban Water Resources Projects





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