Wave and Sedimentation Modeling for Bahia San Juan de Dios, Mexico

The Use of the Path Flow Estimator in Multimodal Networks

A Conditional Logit Model and the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives Phenomenon

Stochastic Traffic Assignment with a Simulation-Based Delay Model

An Optimal Network Design Tool for Additional Cross Links

Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
This volume, Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation contains the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on...

Identity Crisis
For years, engineers have established the authenticity of original documents with stamps and signatures. Although stamps and signatures work well for hard copies of documents, they inadequate...

Sediment Transport in the Barataria Basin

Wetland Wave Attenuation and Shore Protection

Evaluation of Methods Used in Estimating Outflow Rates in Coastal Watersheds

On the Parallelization of CH3D

Periodicity in Midwestern Climatic Data

Arid Region Water Harvest

Freshwater Diversions in the Lower Mississippi River

Ground Motions in Washington State from Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Earthquake Ground Shaking Hazards in the Portland and Seattle Metropolitan Areas

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties: Two Case Studies

Sensitivity of Earth Dam Seismic Response to Ground Motion Coherency

New Concrete Fly Ash Mix Resists Acid Attack

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota





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