Applying Advanced Technology in Vessel Positioning for Dredging

Stability of a Geodesic Dome Under Symmetric Dynamic Loads

Illinois Department of Transportation Seismic Bridge Condition Survey

Past, Present and Future of Seismic Evaluation of Bridges in Kentucky

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Geophysical Expression of the Ghost Dance Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

A New Tool for Aquifer Characterization

Hydrographic Surveying of Reservoirs using Differential GPS Navigation and GIS Data Analysis

Geomorphic History of the Red River of Louisiana and Texas

Evolution of USACE/USCG Radiobeacon Network for Western/Inland Rivers

Surveying and Mapping During the Great Flood of '93

A National Survey of Design and Maintenance Practices of Flood Control Systems in the United States

Investigation of Damage at the Yaquina Bay North Jetty

Competitive Strategies of Quantity Surveying Practices and the Role of Information Technology

Assessment of Effects of Pore Water Pressures Generated Below Runways

NDT Seismic Methods in Pavement Condition Assessment

ASCE Salary Survey 1995
The 23rd biennial ASCE salary survey of the civil engineering profession conducted by the ASCE Committee on Employment Conditions during the first quarter of 1995 is presented. It consists...

Strong-Motion Data Processing
Processing of strong-motion earthquake accelerograms is now carried out routinely on a world-wide basis. Two international workshops have given participants the opportunity to assess their...

Inertially Favorable Trajectories for Robot Motion in Space
Robot manipulators generally display non-linear coupled dynamic forces which increase with speed. Efficiencies can be achieved by finding trajectories which take advantage of those inertial...

URSULA: Design of an Underwater Robot for Nuclear Reactor Vessel Inspection
This paper describes the development of an underwater robotic system that will be used to perform ultrasonic inspections of nuclear reactor vessel weldments. The development effort consists...





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