The Evaluation of Large Scale (km) Intertidal Beach Morphology on a Macrotidal Beach Using Video Images

Long-Term Observations of Migrating Shore-Normal Bars

The Influence of Geologic Setting on Microtunneling

Developing Integrated Access to Contemporary Aerial Photography and Water Quality-Related Data for a Portion of the Elkhorn Slough and Vicinity, North Monterey County

Coastal Erosion: The State of the Problem and the Problem of the State

Measurement of Displacement Field by Matching Method and Observation of Strain Localization in Soft Rock

Recent Studies in Geotechnical Image Analysis

TOBAGO and ARUBA?New Approaches for the Generation of Cybercity from Images

Monitoring a 200-Acre Demonstration Marsh

Effects of Horizontal Vibration on Hopper Flows of Granular Materials

Use of the Falling Weight Deflectometer in Conjunction with the Photographic Survey Methods in Concrete Pavement Restoration Programs

Areal Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Several Alternative Formulations of the CRAE Hypothesis

Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction
The Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction publishes articles about practical solutions to structural design problems and construction challenges of interest to practitioners. Articles...

Remote Sensing of the Polish Coasts Morphology

Photogrammetric Mapping
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 14. This manual provides procedures, minimum accuracy...

The Human Side of L.A. Metro
Encino, Calif.-based photographer Ken Karagozian was given access to the construction of L.A. Metro's Red Line. Karagozian tries to capture not only the scope of the work...

Direct Observation of Deformation of Granular Materials Through X-ray Photographs

Structures in Turbulent Jets

Translating Images from Raster to Vector Format for Environmental Assessment

A Smart Environmental Monitoring System (SEMS)





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