Mixing of a Turbulent Jet in Crossflow - The Advected Line Puff

Modeling Surface Trapped River Plumes: A Sensitivity Study

Resuspension and Advection of Sediment During Hurricane Andrew on the Lousiana Continental Shelf

Advection and Diffusion Properties of Air Bubbles in Open Channel Flow

Limitations of Advective Transport Calculations in Rivers

Diurnal Temperature Variation in the Sacramento River, California

Transport and Separation of Particles by Chaotic Advection

Merging of Weakly Advected Coflowing Jets

Study on Highly-Accurate Numerical Method for Advection Term

Indianapolis Uses New Radar Technology to Refine Hyetographs for CSO Model and SSES Studies
Indianapolis is the first city in the country to install the French-developed technology designed by urban hydrologists to accurately measure rainfall between rain gauges. Installed in...

A Screening Level Model for Estimation of Vadose Zone Leaching and Saturated Zone Mixing: VLEACHSM
A screening level computer model has been developed for the evaluation of pollutant migration through the vadose zone and subsequent mixing within the saturated zone. The model, called...

Unsaturated Flows Around a Horizontal Hole with Constant Heat Input

A Three Dimensional Oil Spill Model
This paper reports the development and testing of a comprehensive three-dimensional oil spill model. At present time, the model components include advection and turbulent diffusion, vertical...

Chaotic Advection in a Bioengineering System

Model Uncertainty for the Advection-Dispersion Equation

Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flows in Horizontal Channels

BAYMAP: A Simplified Embayment Flushing and Transport Model System

Simulating the Transport of an Algae Bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Containment Strategies for Landfilled Wastes

A Posteriori Error Estimation for a GLS Finite Element Formulation of the Advection Diffusion Equation





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