Pitfalls Associated with the Assumption of a Constant Partition Coefficient in Modeling Sorbing Solute Transport Through the Subsurface
This paper presents several case studies where the estimation of the adsorption coefficient, Kd, by means of the Koc-foc...

Evaluation of the FASTCHEM Model for Predicting Leachate Attenuation at Fossil Power Plants
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has applied the model FASTCHEM to identify retardation mechanisms and predict solute transport at two fossil power plants. FASTCHEM (acronym for fly...

2-D Groundwater Transport of Reactive Solutes with Competitive Adsorption
This paper presents a 2-D model, with applications, for the groundwater transport with competitive adsorption of a metal, a ligand and a complex. The model, called METLI, computes advection-dominated...

Evaluation of THM-Formation Potential from Pilot Processes

Modeling Heavy Metal Adsorption in a Multi-Adsorbent (Powdered Activated Carbon) System

Silicate Effects on Iron Treatability in Sequestration

A Comparison of AOX Treatment in Aerated Lagoon and Activated Sludge Systems for Pulp and Paper Wastewaters

The Partitioning and Removal of Organic Halide Across an Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) Treating Kraft Mill Wastewater

An Assessment of the Polanyi Equilibrium Theory

Evaluation and Modeling of Soluble Manganese Removal by Oxide-Coated Dual Media Filtration

Coprecipitation of Methylarsenate by Hydrolyzing Metals

Proton Competition in Cu(II) Biosorption by Fungal Mycelia

Competitive Adsorption in Biofilm-GAC Systems

Removal of Trace Heavy Metals by Adsorption onto Fly Ash

Influence of Method of Fertilizer Application on Groundwater Pollution
Researchers at New Mexico State University have been looking for methods to improve the efficiency of fertilizer application in irrigated agriculture. Preliminary results obtained in the...

Mapping Ground-Water Sodium Adsorption Ratios in Northern Louisiana
High sodium concentration is suspected as the cause of several crop failures in the northern part of Louisiana. This study, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, was undertaken...

An Interactive Microcomputer Program for One-Dimensional Solute Transport in Saturated Soil-Water Systems
This paper presents a user-friendly microcomputer program for one-dimensional solute transport in saturated soil-water systems. Eight different types of adsorption isotherms, ranging from...

Getting the VOCs Out of Well Water
Two technologies are successfully removing volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from groundwater supplies. Not surprisingly, since the application is new, many of the designs were not optimized...

Adsorption, Desorption and Transport of Pesticides in Groundwater: A Critical Review
Adsorption and desorption are major mechanisms affecting the transport and fate of pesticides in groundwater. Equilibrium, chemical nonequilibrium and physical nonequilibrium adsorption...

Mathematical Modeling of Adsorption and Biodegradation in GAC Beds





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