Construction Method Models: The Glue Between Design and Construction

Impact Response of Concrete Beams Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Dynamic Behavior of Glued Laminated Timber Girder Bridges

Evaluation of FRP Composites Bolted and Adhesive Joints

Adhesion Kinetics of Fuel Oil #6 and Oil-in-Water Emulsions on Marine Sediments under Turbulent Mixing Conditions
Oil spilled in the marine environment is subject to a great variety of physical, chemical and biological processes, which determine its ultimate fate in the aquatic environment. Many of...

Design of Timber Bridge Stringers with High Strength Fiber Reinforcing

Innovations in Glulam Timber Bridge Design

Surface Preparation of Steel for Adhesive Bonding in Rehabilitation Applications

Field Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Joint Sealants in Utah

Usage of Adhesives and Composites in Highway Structures

Technical Note: STC-40 Shotcrete Adhesion In Situ Tester
It is essential that the shotcrete when reinforcing the rock mass achieves a good adhesive bond to the rock surface. The strength of that bond can be controlled by pull out testing either...

Site Measurement of Shotcreting Dust
Shotcreting is broadly used today as an excellent lining system, which enables to assure rapidly the stability of excavated rock surface. This system however leaves room for improvements...

Forensic Analysis of a Two-Component Joint Sealant Using FTIR-ATR
Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy using Attenuated Total Internal Reflectance (FTIR-ATR) was used to chemically identify joint sealants obtained from an airfield pavement joint which...

Forensic Analysis Techniques for Joint Sealants
Growing concerns involving the field performance of pavement joint sealant materials has illustrated the need for forensic capabilities in determining the cause of sealant failures. Methods...

Adhesives and Structural Plastics
An overview of some primary considerations for the use of adhesives and their advantages in connection of structural plastics is presented. Effective joint geometries, surface preparations,...

Stress Relaxation Analysis for Sealants
A solution method for stress relaxation analysis of systems composed linear viscoelastic material in a state of plane strain is presented. The incremental, finite element method takes...

On the Adhesive Strength of Viscoelastic Fibrous Composites
A methodology for solving problems of anisotropic materials using the theory of elasticity (viscoelasticity) is presented. Some results on specific problems related to the stressed-and-deformed...

Yield Stress and Flow of Bentonite in Mixture Sealants

Contact Problems in Cell Adhesion
Adhesion of biological cells plays an important role in many physiological processes. For instance, the adhesion of killer T-lymphocyte to its target cell is an essential step in cytolysis,...

TRESTLE - Largest Glue Laminated Structure





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