The Effect of Climatic Change on Hydrologic Variables
There has been increasing concern about the threat of global warming affecting the earth's climate. This warming scenario, called the greenhouse effect, is believed to be...

Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know
Long-range forecasts of future global warming have been made based on the increase in carbon dioxide and trace gases in the air from human activities. Potential changes which would especially...

Simulating DBP Precursor Transport in Sacramento Delta
Fate and movement of disinfection by-product organic precursors in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was simulated for a 365-thy period with a hydrodynamics and transport...

Basic Concepts and Applications of Structural Control

Seismic Active Control by a Heuristic-Based Algorithm

A Strategy for Active Control of Tall Civil Structures Using Regenerative Electric Actuators

Time Delayed Control of Classically Damped Structures

Concrete Beams and Slabs Retrofitted with CFRP Laminates

Long Term Behavior of Concrete Columns with CFRP

Managing Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems in Structural Fuzzy Control

Effect of Uncertainty on an Active Mass Damper System

Automobile Emissions Under Arctic Conditions Using Unleaded and 10 Percent Ethanol Admixed Gasolines

Rate-Controlled Micellar Solubilization of an LNAPL in Aquifer Materials

Grouted Anchors for Carbon FRP Tendon

Low Temperature Solidification of CaCO3 Using Hydrothermal Hot-Pressing

Electrical Tagging of Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites

Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber for Strengthening Concrete

Electrochemical Treatment of Concrete: A New Approach to Extend the Service Life of Chloride Contaminated, Carbonated, or Alkali Silica Reactive Concrete Structures

Stress-Strain Behavior of High-Performance 70W Bridge Steel

Copper Precipitation Hardened, High Strength, Weldable Steel





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