Synthesis of Controllers for the Active Mass Driver System in the Presence of Uncertainty

H∞ Static and Dynamic Output Feedback Control of the AMD Benchmark Problem

An Experimental Study of Magnetorheological Dampers for Seismic Hazard Mitigation

Semi-Active Control of Structures

Active Structural Control for Steel Buildings with Weld Damage

Sinking of a CO2-Enriched Ocean Gravity Current

Advanced Composites in Pedestrian Bridge Design

Application of Sliding Mode Control to a Benchmark Problem

Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Control Strategies

Seismic Response Assessment of Active-Controlled Multi-Story Buildings with Soil-Foundation Influence

Experimental Implementation of Hybrid Control

Structural Control: Basic Concepts and Applications

Verifying the Timing Requirements of Multiprocessor Control Systems

Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Hybrid Control of Seismic Structures

Dynamical Model of a Magnetorheological Damper

Dynamic Optimal Groundwater Remediation by Granular Activated Carbon
Objective functions to describe the operating and capital costs of GAC treatment are incorporated into a control theory model for optimal pump-and-treat groundwater remediation design....

Removal of Arsenic From Ground Water Using Granular Activated Carbon
Batch adsorption isotherm studies found that activated carbon (Hydrodarco, 14 X 40 mesh, American Norit) had removals of arsenic as high as 94% for a GAC dosage of 100 g/L and an initial...

Vapor Phase Biofiltration for Removal of VOCs
The selection of an appropriate packing material for the biofiltration process is an important factor in the removal of contaminants from vapor phase. This study evaluates two different...

Specification of Cu, Pb and Cr in Contaminated Sediment Effected by pH
Sediment was sampled from a contaminated river. Sequential extraction was applied to determine the speciations of Cu, Pb, and Cr in the sediment with varied pH (5–9), and the redox potential...





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