Finite Difference Methods for Wave Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients

Analysis of Acoustic Surface Waveguides for Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Steel Bridges
Global nondestructive monitoring techniques are of great significance for rapid monitoring of bridges. One promising technique involves monitoring the microseismic events (Acoustic Emissions,...

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Growth in HSLA-80 Steel Box Beams
An acoustic emission is a transient elastic wave generated by the rapid release of energy from a localized source within a material. There can be many sources of acoustic emission in a...

In-Place Determination of Concrete Strength by the Impact-Echo Method

Measurement of Turbulent Properties in a Natural System
Instruments designed to measure flow properties in stratified estuaries, lakes and oceans are reviewed. Emphasis is given to the measurement of turbulent fluxes and recent developments...

Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Acoustic Velocity Meters
A project is currently underway to evaluate the performance of 27 acoustic flowmeters used at Hoover, Davis, and Parker Dams on the lower Colorado River. Field surveys and laboratory testing...

Using the SedBed Monitor to Measure Bed Load
An acoustic distance measuring device (SedBed Monitor) was developed to accurately measure bed surface transects in a sediment and water recirculating flume. From these transects the rate...

Recent Applications of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
A Broadband acoustic Doppler current profiler (BB-ADCP) is a new instrument being used by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to measure stream discharge and velocities, and bathymetry....

Acoustic-Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) for Laboratory Use
A remote-sensing, three-dimensional (3D) velocity sensor has been developed and tested for use in physical model facilities. The sensor is based on the Acoustic Doppler principle and measures...

Design and Operation of a System to Monitor Sediment Deposition for Protection of an Endangered Mussel
The USGS, in cooperation with the COE, has designed and installed a system to continuously monitor changes in elevation of the river bed over the mussel bed located downstream of the Olmsted...

Design and Execution of Hydrodynamic Field Data Collection using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling Equipment
Proposed major changes to the navigation channel depth in the Cape Fear River prompted an investigation of the existing hydrodynamics of the river system. The observed data are to be used...

Space-Time Variability of Sediment Suspension in the Nearshore Zone

Acoustic Emission Testing of Fiberglass Molded Grating

NDE for Steel Bridges

Deep-Water Dredged-Material Disposal Monitoring Offshore of San Francisco Using the PLUme Measurement System (PLUMES)

Verification of Numerical Modeling of the Fate of Disposed Dredged Material

Acoustic Impedance for Assessing Subbottom Conditions

Integrated Acoustic Seafloor Characterization

Development of a Technique to Acoustically Detect and Study Fluid Mud and its use in Dredging Management





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