Developments in the Use of Infrasound for Protecting Fish at Water Intakes
Attempts to protect fish at water intakes with sound generating devices have been ongoing for decades. Past results have been equivocal. However, the recent availability of high energy,...

Sound Absorption of Dry Porous Media with Single and Double Porosity

Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor

Ultrasonic Characterization of FRP Composites for Bridge Applications

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Pultruded Bridge Members

Acoustic Monitoring to Enhance Pipeline Safety at Crossings

A Marine Geophysical Investigation to Determine the Cause for Failure of the Yaquina Bay Jetty, Newport, Oregon

High-Accuracy CSO and Stormwater Flow Monitoring

Nondestructive Evaluation of Distress in Concrete Bridge Decks

NDE Techniques for Wood Structures

Stress Dependence of Source Mechanisms from Acoustic Emission

Inspecting Buried Plastic Pipe Using a Rotating Sonic Caliper

Evaluation of an Integrated Fish-Protection System

Comparison of Full Tailrace Netting and Hydroacoustic Monitoring for Estimating Entrainment at Two Hydroelectric Stations in Wisconsin

Flow Measurement Using Low Cost Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters

A New Intelligent Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Closed Conduits and Open Channels

Recent Advances in Sonic Fish Deterrence

Measuring Intake Flows in Hydroelectric Plants with an Acoustic Scintillation Flowmeter

Non-Instrusive Flow Measurement Techniques for Hydroelectric Applications

Relative Cost and Precision of Hydroacoustic and Net Sampling at Hydroelectric Facilities





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