Overall EWRI/ASCE Standards Process
The American Society of Civil Engineers is an ANSI-accredited standards development organization (SDO) and as such develops consensus-based standards in a wide-range of technical areas...

Models for Engineering Education AND ABET

Is a Four-Year B.S.E.T. Really a B.S. in Applied Engineering

Increasing Accreditation Requests of Two-Year Engineering Technology Programs

The First Professional Degree and the Advance of CE Education

Assessment Tools for ABET Engineering Criteria 2000

Forming Civil Engineering's Future
Proceedings of the 1999 National Civil Engineering Education Congress, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 16-20, 1999. This collection contains...

Laboratory Accreditation and the Quality of Testing of Construction Materials Used in Transportation Systems

Understanding ISO
Many U.S. consulting firms are being registered under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series, which set standards for business conduct to achieve quality....

An Integrated Computer-Based Total Design Environment for Civil Engineering Education
The nature of design within the professional practice of civil engineering today, combined with the curricular and content requirements for design of the Accreditation Board for Engineering...

Epidemiology and Toxicology in Engineering Education
The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) first articulated an interest in providing undergraduate engineers with background in occupational health and safety...

A Comparison of the Educational and Training Needs of Civil Engineers & Construction Managers

Is Surveying Really Part of Civil Engineering?

Project Management as a Profession—Goal of PMI

Reexamination of CE Curriculum for the 21st Century

Common Engineering and Technology Courses

Education and Continuing Development for the Civil Engineer
Setting the Agenda for the 90's and Beyond
The 1990 Forum Proceedings is a collection of papers that were written to provide a basis for deliberation and conclusions at the ASCE 1990 National Forum on Education and Continuing Development...

Education for Space Facilities Engineering
The Air Force Institute of Technology, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, contains a fully accredited graduate school of engineering which has the mission of meeting Air...

Engineering Schools Respond to Financial Crisis
A mail survey of the 200-plus civil engineering departments at engineering schools asked each chairman for a case history of response to the financial and other crises facing the departments....

Continuing Education in Engineering—What's New?
ASCE's growing program in continuing education is described, plus a view of projected program growth. Two background factors—whether or not more states are likely to follow...





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