Erratum for ABET Rescinds Ban on Dual Accreditation

Overall EWRI/ASCE Standards Process
The American Society of Civil Engineers is an ANSI-accredited standards development organization (SDO) and as such develops consensus-based standards in a wide-range of technical areas...

Models for Engineering Education AND ABET

Is a Four-Year B.S.E.T. Really a B.S. in Applied Engineering

The First Professional Degree and the Advance of CE Education

Assessment Tools for ABET Engineering Criteria 2000

Forming Civil Engineering's Future
Proceedings of the 1999 National Civil Engineering Education Congress, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 16-20, 1999. This collection contains...

Increasing Accreditation Requests of Two-Year Engineering Technology Programs

Laboratory Accreditation and the Quality of Testing of Construction Materials Used in Transportation Systems

Is Surveying Really Part of Civil Engineering?

Project Management as a Profession—Goal of PMI

Common Engineering and Technology Courses

A Comparison of the Educational and Training Needs of Civil Engineers & Construction Managers

Dynamics in Registration of Professional Engineers

Engineering Education

Guide for Construction Engineering Visitor on ECPD Accreditation Teams
This Guide for Construction Engineering Visitors on ECPD Accreditation Teams is issued to assist ECPD visitors in determining the acceptability...

Guide for Surveying Visitors on ECPD/EE&AC Accreditation Teams
This Guide for Surveying Visitors on ECPD/EE&AC Accreditation Teams provides guidelines for accreditation of surveying programs which...





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