Dynamic Response of Laterally-Loaded Piles in Centrifuge

Increased Seismic Resistance of Highway Bridges Using Improved Bearing Design Concepts

Detection of Fatigue Cracks in Structural Members

Wind Damage in Hurricane Frederic

Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

Interaction Effects of Reactor System and Its Supports

Cyclic Response of Steel-Stud Framed Wall Panels

Dynamic Stresses From Experimental and Modal Analyses

Mathematical Modelling of Intermediate Trusses

Dynamics of Low-Profile Ship Loading Container Cranes

Damping of an Offshore Platform Model by Random Dec Method

System Identification: Review Examples

Aseismic Design of a 31-Story Frame-Wall Building

Dynamic Torsional Response of Symmetric Structures

Case Study of Offshore Pile System Reliability
This paper presents the results of research effort to evaluate the reliability of offshore pile foundation systems. It is an extension of previous work by the authors [14] dealing with...

Radial Flow Consolidation Testing
A radial flow consolidation cell that can be used with commercially available loading frames was developed and a series of tests were performed on samples of sedimented kaolin. Simple...

Performance of Suction Caissons in Sand and Clay
The use of suction caissons (suction piles) in marine environments has been increasing in the last decade. A suction caisson is a steel pipe with an open bottom and a closed top that is...

The Soil-Rock Boundary: What Is It and Where Is It?

Evaluation of Geotechnical Property Variability





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