Civil Engineering Publications Catalog 2019

2019 Subscription Catalog: ASCE Library

Publications: Civil Engineering 2020

Calendar: Bridges 2020
Featured bridges are: Onaruto Bridge (Naruto, Japan); Vizcaya Bridge (Portugalete, Spain); Veteran Memorial Bridge (Rochester, New York); Shibkalinagar Bridge (Kakdwip, India); Brookdale Bridge (Stowe,...

ASCE 2018 Publications Catalog

Calendar: Bridges 2019
Featured bridges are: Portageville Bridge (Letchworth State Park, New York); Brooklyn Bridge (New York City); Buntun Bridge (Tuguegarao City); Henley Street Bridge (Knoxville, Tennessee); Forth Bridge...

Calendar: Bridges 2018
Featured bridges are: Isleton Bridge (Isleton, California); Royal Gorge Bridge (Canon City, Colorado); Dom Luis I Bridge (Porto, Portugal); Crescent Avenue Bridge (Fort Wayne, Indiana); M-231 Bridge (Ottawa...

Publications Catalog 2017

ASCE Library 2017 Subscription catalog

Calendar: Bridges 2017
Featured bridges are: Tongjin Bridge (Nanxun, Huzhou, China); St. John's Bridge (Porto, Portugal); Foresthill Bridge (Placer County, California); San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (San Francisco, California);...

Calendar: Bridges 2016
Featured bridges are: Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge (Irondequoit, New York); Dongshuimen Bridge (Chongqing, China); South Grand Island Bridge(s) (Grand Island, NY); Salmon Bay Bridge (Seattle,...

ASCE 2014 Publications Catalog

ASCE Library 2015 Subscription Catalog

ASCE Publications 2015

Calendar: Bridges 2015
Featured bridges are: Stewart Canyon Bridge (Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada); Old Trails Bridge (Topock, Arizona); Joso Bridge (Lyons Ferry, Washington); Forth Bridge (Queensferry,...

American Society of Civil Engineers Annual Report

Emerging Technology
Civil Engineering Innovations for the Infrastructure and the Environment

ASCE Library 2014 Subscription Catalog

Be a Recycling LEEDer: Learn what you should recycle!
The video highlights items that can be either recycled or reused in specially marked bins around the office. The purpose of the video is to educate employees and to help ASCE HQ reach...

Pioneers In Groundwater Session with Christine Shoemaker
Selected in recognition of her contributions to groundwater management and remediation, global optimization, and watershed protection, Christine Shoemaker presents on her experiences and...





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