New Coalition Aims to Facilitate Greater Use if "smart Surfaces" by Cities

UAE Seeks to Entertain on a Grand Scale

$1-Billion Project to Renovate Hospital

Pavilion Changes Shape at the Touch of a Hand

Salesforce Tower Achieves LEED Platinum for Core and Shell

Conference Center Blends into Northeastern China's Mountainous Landscape

Floating on Air

Canopy Tracks the Sun's Position

Praise for the Panama Canal

Support for the Professional Engineer License

Assessing Infrastructure's True Costs Is a Matter of Ethics

Why Railroads Fare Best

Bridge Project Should Make Engineers Proud

Ellis, not Strauss, Taught at Purdue

Refining Your User Experience
New online tools will help engineers in their work and make it easier for them to engage with ASCE....

Deadline for Reauthorizing National Flood Insurance Program Looms Large
As the September 30 deadline for reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Program approaches, Congress has taken only initial steps to devise a legislative solution....

Next Step: Set Achievable Goals and Make a Plan to Reach Them
In the first installment of our new career advice department for younger engineers, Erica “Sunny” Mullen, P.E., M.ASCE, a project manager with Maser Consulting, P.A., recommends setting goals and manageable...

Higher Learning: Practitioners Teach Real-World Skills
Northwestern University offers an innovative and accessible master’s degree program that imparts real-world skills....

This Year’s Serpentine Pavilion Celebrates Light and Life

Denver Water to Test Use of Turbines in Canals





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