Legislation to Reauthorize the FAA, Reform FEMA Disaster Provisions Becomes Law

Make Space for Women Engineers and Leaders
Andrea DuMont, P.E., M.ASCE, was promoted to project manager I at Jacobs after she wrote a memo proving she was qualified for the job. She believes in advocating for yourself when you can, asking for help...

Take Risks and Surround Yourself with Smart People Who Disagree with You

Outdoor Lab Fosters Teamwork and Accountability

Constrained Site Challenges, Benefits College Science Building Design

New York City Reopens Once-Damaged Subway Station at World Trade Center

Repeated Truck Strikes Lead to Replacement of Century-Old Bridge on Long Island Rail Road

Closed since 1999, Observatory Now Restored atop Buffalo Museum

Sculpture Balances Six Porsches High in the Air

Design Work Begins on WSSC’s $250-Million Piscataway, Maryland, Bio-Energy Project

Bridging Kentucky' Launched to Update State's Infrastructure

California’s East Valley Water District Finalizes Design/Build Contract for Sterling Natural Resource Center

Commission Awards Billions for California Storage Projects

Renovated Barge Hosts Glassmaking Tour

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