When Bridges, Roadways, and Dams Need Our Help: Innovative Techniques Can Help Save Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure
The nation's infrastructure is showing its age. The signs are obvious with structure distress, lack of functionality, and failure reported frequently over the last several decades. Specialty geotechnical...

Look Who’s a D.GE: Raymond J. Franz, PE, D.GE, M.ASCE

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ASCE Education and Careers


Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Expansion to Open

Shuster Infrastructure Plan Would Raise Gas Tax, Boost Clean and Water Funding

Editor's Note: Young Engineers Know Where They're Going

Recognize Your Value, Lift Your Team, and Stay Positive

Celebrate Civil Engineering and Inspire the Next Generation

Engineers Strive to Design Schools That Are Safe from Shooters

Design/Build Continues To Gain Favor across U.S. Construction Sectors, Report Reveals

Atlanta-Area Toll Lanes Project Will Include Bus Rapid Transit Along Major Corridor

California Towns Take Step toward Indirect Potable Reuse with Demonstration Facility

California Agency to Test Anaerobic Approach As Replacement

New Runway Impacts Entire Isolated Alaska Airport

Sinking Chicago: Climate Change and the Remaking of a Flood-Prone Environment, By Harold L. Platt, Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2018

3.5 Square Meters, Constructive Response to Natural Disasters, Edited By Maya Vinitsky, München, Germany: Hirmer Publishers, 2018





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