Making the Most of Digital Tools (part of "Options Open")
From the outset, the Westadium consortium considered efficient procurement, constructability, long-term maintenance, and asset management in the design of Optus Stadium. For these reasons, Arup's engineers...

Second UN-Affiliated High-Performance Building Center Opens

Concrete Bridge Repair Expected to Extend Life of Steel Bridges

New BRT Lines Seek Improved Speed, Reliability, Safety In Calgary

Learning from Hurricane Harvey, Pearland, Texas, to Construct New Treatment Facility

Practice Nontechnical Skills to Balance Life, Learning, and Work

Complex Water Quality Project To Be Built In Seattle

House Committee Approves Bill to Reauthorize Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Study-Abroad Program Connects Students to Real-World Challenges

Connect the Dots for Climate Action

Restored & Revived
A multidisciplinary restoration project returned the iconic Minnesota State Capitol to its original stature while updating architectural and engineering systems for 21st-century functions. Weaving state-of-the-art...


Goodyear, Arizona, Begins Construction Of New 8 mgd Surface Water Treatment Project

Rolling Along

Business Briefs

Unexpected Delay (part of "Transformative Tunnel")
The biggest project risk in Washington State's new State Route 99 tunnel was at the south end, where the tunnel begins. If the tunnel boring machine (TBM) could tunnel through that initial zone problem-free,...

Tunnel Safety (part of "Transformative Tunnel")
As part of meeting the stringent safety requirements of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the State Route 99 tunnel is designed to be one of the safest ever constructed, with state-of-the-art...

Preserving the Rotunda (part of "Restored & Revived")
Over the years, rainwater had leaked through joints in the dome and roof of the Minnesota State Capitol, damaging the stone, plaster, windows, and decorative paint in the building's vast and gorgeous rotunda....

Fresh Air and Clean Energy (part of "Restored & Revived")
As the HGA design team rethought every aspect of the Minnesota State Capitol, it kept in mind the need to make the 100-plus-year-old structure as energy efficient as possible while still maintaining comfort...

Transformative Tunnel
The design of the new State Route 99 tunnel improves safety and mobility along Seattle's waterfront. Its design overcomes settlement and seismic challenges, incorporates a one-pass segmental liner, and...





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