The Perils of Trading Long-Term Values for Short-Term Gain

Connecting Physical and Racial Divides: The Alaska Highway

Spanning the Saint Lawrence
The recently opened Samuel De Champlain Bridge is an iconic gateway to Montreal. Its signature structure, an asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge, features a 240 m long main span over the Saint Lawrence River....

Defining the Design

The Best Places For Civil Engineers 2020
ASCE’s Civil Engineering magazine researched and wrote this feature article before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequently declared pandemic in the United States. Since then, the health...

Innovation At The Heights
Population growth in metropolitan Washington, D.C., has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and this is especially true for Arlington County, in Northern Virginia. This increase in population...

Technology Update: CES For CEs
Walking the grounds at the CES in Las Vegas—dodging the 175,000 attendees, 4,000-plus exhibitors, 6,000 or so reporters, and innumerable screens—can be an overwhelming experience. Tech nerds come to this...

GeoCongress Geo-PIT

Ethical Codes Must Not Hinder the Rights of Consumers

Intellectual Property Theft Is Still Theft

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