Erratum for "Aerobic Bacterial Metabolic Processes" (December 1981)

Closure to "Delphi Methods: Theory and Design Load Application" (June 1981)

Discussion of "Intakes and Outlets for Low-Head Hydropower" (September 1981)

Erratum for "Bedload and Size Distribution in Paved Gravel-Bed Streams" (April 1982)

Closure to "Laterally Loaded Pile Design" (September 1981)

Closure to "The Steady State of Deformation" (May 1981)

Discussion of "Turbulence Model for Flow over Dredged Channels" (August 1981)

Discussion of "Minimum Specific Energy in Compound Open Channel" (June 1981)

Closure to "Empirical Strength Criterion for Rock Masses" (September 1980)

Erratum for "Growth Concerns Defeat a County Water Issue" (March 1981)

Closure to "Construction Project Selection and Bernoulli Utility" (September 1980)

Closure to "Professional CM: The Architect-Engineer's Viewpoint" (June 1980)

Discussion of "Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames" (July 1981)

Discussion of "Cam-Clay Predications of Undrained Strength" (November 1980)

Erratum for "Optimal Design of Border Irrigation Systems" (September 1981)

Closure to "An Optimum Bid Approximation Model" (December 1980)

Closure to "Linear Reservoirs and Numerical Diffusion" (May 1980)

Closure to "Fall Velocity of Shells as Coastal Sediment" (November 1980)

Discussion of "Medium Head Hydro Power House Concrete Volumes" (December 1981)

Closure to "Stochastic Generation of Annual Streamflows" (December 1980)





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