Discussion of "Responding to the Challenges of Engineering Practice" (April 1980)

Closure to "Prediction of Temperatures in Concrete Bridges" (November 1981)

Closure to "Sedimentation in Iron Gates Reservoir on the Danube" (October 1980)

Erratum for "Vibrations of Cable Reinforced Inflatable Structures" (October 1981)

Erratum for "Cellular and Voided Slab Bridges" (September 1981)

Discussion of "Field and Laboratory Determination of Soil Moduli" (October 1981)

Discussion of "Laboratory Study of Hydraulic Fracturing" (June 1981)

Discussion of "Laboratory Study of Hydraulic Fracturing" (June 1981)

Closure to "Overland Flow from Time-Distributed Rainfall" (February 1981)

Closure to "Proposed Specifications for Steel Box Girder Bridges" (December 1980)

Closure to "End Restraint and Column Stability" (November 1980)

Discussion of "Piezometers in Earth Dam Impervious Sections by J. L. Sherard"

Closure to "Scour Velocities in Ephemeral Channels" (September 1980)

Discussion of "Proposed Steel Column Strength Criteria" (April 1981)

Closure to "The Chicago Region's Valuable Water Resources" (July 1980)

Closure to "Web Distortion and Flexural-Torsional Buckling" (July 1980)

Discussion of "Mixture Theory for Suspended Sediment Transport" (June 1981)

Closure to "Hydraulic Transients Following Valve Closure" (October 1980)

Closure to "An Evaluation of Inelastic Seismic Design Spectra" (September 1981)

Discussion of "Two Bed-Load Formulas: An Evaluation" (August 1981)





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