Erratum for "Distribution of Wastewater in Drain Field Pipes" (October 1981)

Erratum for "Oscillatory Rough Turbulent Boundary Layers" (August 1981)

Closure to "Tables of Dimensionless Central Moments" (December 1980)

Discussion of "Approximate Method for Lateral Load Analysis of High-Rise Buildings" (August 1981)

Discussion of "Universal Compression Index Equation" (November 1980)

Discussion of "Flow Resistance in Coarse Gravel Bed Rivers" (July 1981)

Discussion of "Flow Around Fixed Circular Cylinders: Fluctuating Loads" (June 1981)

Closure to "Water Level Variations along California Coast" (August 1980)

Discussion of "Proposed Steel Column Strength Criteria" (April 1981)

Discussion of "Delphi Methods: Theory and Design Load Application" (June 1981)

Discussion of "Weld Group Behavior" (May 1981)

Discussion of "At-Rest Lateral Pressure of Peat Soils" (February 1981)

Discussion of "Tokyo's Dainikoro Underwater Tube-Tunnel" (December 1980)

Discussion of "Least Squares Estimates of BOD Parameters" (December 1980)

Closure to "Pollutant Concentrations from Homogenous Land Uses" (February 1980)

Closure to "Dome Effect in RC Slabs: Rigid-Plastic Analysis" (June 1980)

Discussion of "Atlanta's New Central Passenger Terminal Complex" (November 1980)

Discussion of "Characterization of Asphalt Emulsion Treated Bases" (March 1981)

Closure to "Second-Order Standing Waves Bounded by Circular Cylinders" (February 1980)

Closure to "Linear Theory Methods for Pipe Network Analysis" (July 1980)





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