A SAR Is Born: How a Cold War Era Technique Is Reinventing Deformation Monitoring from Earth’s Orbit

by Carl Pucci, a principal of Ovela, LLC, a partner at Datel AS, and works on transatlantic Earth Observation based jointly in Tallinn, Estonia, and Richmond, VA. Ovela59.com provides global historic InSAR results, monitoring, artificial reflectors, and training to take full advantage of remote sensing.,

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2020, Vol. 24, Issue 4, Pg. 46-53

Document Type: Feature article

Abstract: The space race gave birth to a remote sensing technique known as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that could be used for everything from tracking militaries to mapping the surface of the moon, all the while disguising its true value — global deformation monitoring. This is the story of how a little-known technique has evolved into a system that provides a constantly updating archive of millimeter-accuracy spatial data covering every part of our planet. Seeing through clouds and darkness, this artificial intelligence (AI)-powered system lives in your browser, but is a key to the future of infrastructure monitoring.

Subject Headings: Deformation (mechanics) | Orbits | Spatial data | Artificial intelligence and machine learning | Space exploration | Sensors and sensing | Radar | Tracking


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