What's New in Geo? The Future of Numerical Geo-Modeling: Is 3D Here to Stay?!

by Murray D. Fredlund, P.Eng., Ph.D., Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President; SoilVision Systems Ltd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, murray@soilvision.com,

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2017, Vol. 21, Issue 6, Pg. 68-72

Document Type: Feature article

Abstract: Application of soil mechanics in engineering practice has undergone remarkable changes over the past 50 years as a result of developments in computer technology. Each improvement in computing capability, speed, and information storage has opened the way toward software solutions capable of analyzing problems of ever-increasing complexity. Not only have the size and complexity of the problems changed, but the modern computer has also opened up new approaches to addressing common problems in geotechnology.

Subject Headings: Numerical methods


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