Cables and Anchorages

Committee on Cable-Stayed Bridges of ASCE

Part of: Guidelines for the Design of Cable-Stayed Bridges


The following types of cables are generally used in cable stayed bridges: Parallel bars; Parallel seven wire strands; Parallel or semi-parallel wire cables; Locked coil strands and ropes; and Helical galvanized bridge strands. The first two types are extensively used in prestressed concrete structures and when applied as cables ln stayed girders bridges, a very similar installation technology is used. The cable is installed in a polyethylene tube or steel pipe which is then filled with grout. The grout adds about 30% to the weight of the cable. This adds to the cable sag and decreases its stiffness. The three latter types have been used for a long time in structures supported primarily by tension members. The guiding principle here has always been ease of inspection and maintenance.

Subject Headings: Cables | Cable stayed bridges | Anchorages | Girder bridges | Grouting | Prestressing | Concrete bridges | Prestressed concrete


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