Subcommittee on Guyed Transmission Structures of the Committee on Electrical Transmission Structures of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE

Part of: Design of Guyed Electrical Transmission Structures


This section presents theoretical and practical concepts for the analysis of guyed transmission structures. The concepts are further illustrated in the examples of Section 8. The term analysis in this section covers not only methods used to find forces, moments, displacements, and stresses but also methods for predicting the ultimate buckling capacity of the structure that often governs the design. Section 5.1 applies to all structures. Sections 5.2 and 5.3 deal more specifically with redundancy problems in poles and H-frames. Section 5.4 applies mostly to rigid frames and masted towers. Approximate manual procedures for predicting the ultimate buckling behavior of simple poles and masts are shown in Section 5.5. Finally, Section 5.6 discusses computer modeling.

Subject Headings: Structural analysis | Stress analysis | Computer models | Buckling | Structural behavior | Rigid frames | Power transmission


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