Use of Coal Combustion By-Products as Low-Permeability Liners for Manure Storage Facilities

by Tarunjit Butalia,
William E. Wolfe,
Harold Walker,

Part of: Animal Waste Containment in Lagoons


This chapter presents an overview of the use of compacted flue gas desulfurization (FGD) material as a low-permeability liner. It discusses the engineering characteristics of FGD materials and the effect of freeze-thaw cycling on engineering properties. The design, construction, and monitoring of a full-scale FGD-lined demonstration facility is described. The facility held water for the first year, after which swine manure was added. Results of the monitoring program (permeability and water quality testing) for the facility are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of using FGD material for constructing low-permeability liners are discussed.

Subject Headings: Storage facilities | Coal | Non-renewable energy | Combustion | Recycling | Permeability (material) | Linings | Agricultural wastes


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