Surviving Natural Forces from Taiwanese Civil Engineers Perspective

by Edward H. Wang,
Hsieh Yuen Chang,
Ming-His Hsu,

Part of: Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Arrival of the South Asia Tsunami Wave in Thailand


A natural disaster is an unexpected or uncontrollable natural event that usually results in widespread destruction of property or loss of life. Taiwan is located in a geographically unique place; the island has suffered 6.6 natural disasters per year over the last decade. This article introduces the types of natural hazards threatening Taiwan today and summarizes the efforts of researchers and civil engineers working to resist these natural forces. As members of the international community, Taiwanese civil engineers strive to share their experience in natural hazard prevention and mitigation. They share the same desire with countries or regions that also struggle with risk management of various natural disasters.

Subject Headings: Natural disasters | Urban and regional development | Risk management | Mitigation and remediation | Islands


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