Outside Plant

Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE

Part of: Methods of Achieving Improved Seismic Performance of Communications Systems


Outside Plant can be defined as equipment and facilities connecting a CO to other COs, and connecting a CO to subscribers. Depending on the distance and the terrain involved, the methods and the equipment used are different. Generally cable is used, and where cable runs exceed 60 km, a repeater is necessary to strengthen the signal, so that the quality of the signal can be maintained. In some congested urban areas and where the terrain between COs is difficult, microwave can be used as the transmission medium. COs frequently have a microwave tower, either on top of the building or next to it. This chapter provides an overview of Outside Plant and its hardware components.

Subject Headings: Cables | Equipment and machinery | Terrain | Microwaves | Urban areas | Power transmission


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