Evaluating Earthquake Hazards

Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE

Part of: Methods of Achieving Improved Seismic Performance of Communications Systems


Earthquake hazards vary considerably in different parts of the country. The effect of an earthquake on telecommunication systems is influenced by the magnitude of the earthquake, the proximity to the fault rupture, the local geology, site conditions; the degree of damage in the affected area, and even the time of day. In some regions of the country the source of earthquakes is not clearly understood. Also, the historical record of earthquakes in North America, which is often less than 200 years, is very short in terms of geological time. Thus, estimates of the frequency of occurrence and magnitude of future earthquakes are often based on an inadequately short time frame.

Subject Headings: Earthquakes | Geohazards | Earthquake magnitude scale | Geology | Communication systems | Geological faults | Surface fault rupture | Frames | North America


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