Lifting Collars and Lifting Equipment

by Rubin M. Zallen,
David B. Peraza,

Part of: Engineering Considerations for Lift-Slab Construction


The terms lifting collars and shear heads are used interchangeably in the industry. In this book the term lifting collar is used since it is a unique term applicable to lift-slab construction only, whereas shear heads are used for both lift-slab construction and ordinary flat slab construction. Lifting equipment is defined herein as the temporary equipment required to lift the slabs into place, such as jacks, lifting rods, wedges, hydraulic equipment, control systems, and for the Lift-Plate System, hookup devices and wedges. The definition does not include any item which is incorporated into the permanent work, such as lifting collars, columns, and footings. The definition also does not include temporary bracing. This chapter principally addresses lifting collars, jacks, and lifting rods, and problems that have and can arise with their use.

Subject Headings: Equipment and machinery


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