Ideas, Communication, and Change

by Dennis Randolph, (M.ASCE), Managing Director; Calhoun County Road Commission, Calhoun County, MI,

Part of: Civil Engineering for the Community


If you go to work for a local government, your first experience of an engineering organization may be of associates and supervisors pressuring you to accept the way things are. There is an overwhelming sensation from the members of the organization constantly trying to convince you that their organization knows the best way to do its work. Good organizations need to have such positive feelings about themselves. But such feelings can be too strong. When you find such strong feelings you need to remember that these organizations may be reluctant to change and to accept good ideas that come from outsiders, and even their members. Despite this, you also need to remember that change is inevitable. Also, it is always possible to find a better way to do any task.

Subject Headings: Local government | Business organizations


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