Producing and Maintaining an Online Manual

by Mike Tidwell, Information Systems Specialist; Greely and Hansen Engineers,

Part of: How to Produce Effective Operations and Maintenance Manuals


Most of us interact with computers on a daily basis. Every facet of our society uses computers to monitor and control plant processes. Documentation and training materials are produced using computers, and these electronic documents can play an important role in facility training as well as day-to-day operations. Online O&M manuals are becoming very popular as well. Many facilities do not have current, up-to-date manuals, and new computer technologies offer an ideal alternative for creating, preserving, and updating these manuals. Online O&M manuals allow the user to easily add or modify text and drawings as equipment and operating procedures change. This versatility greatly increases the accuracy and usefulness of the O&M manual and eliminates reliance on outside organizations for its upkeep. This chapter discusses how to produce and maintain an online manual.

Subject Headings: Internet


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