Pipe Characteristics

Standard Design and Construction Guidelines for Microtunneling Committee

Part of: Standard Design and Construction Guidelines for Microtunneling


Microtunneling pipe should meet the following general requirements: Circular shape with a flush outside surface (including at the joints); Strength sufficient to withstand both the installation loads and the in-place, long-term service loads; Dimensional tolerances on length, straightness, roundness, end squareness, and allowable angular deflection; Durability for the service exposure (e.g., internal and external corrosion resistance, resistance to internal abrasion); Joints capable of watertight performance for internal operating pressures (including working and transient pressures), as stated in the purchaser's documents, and external head pressure resulting from groundwater, slurry pressures, and lubrication. The joint should also be capable of efficiently transferring jacking forces from the hydraulic jacking frame, through the pipe wall and joint, to the MTBM face.

Subject Headings: Pipe joints | Pressure pipes | Transient response | Transient loads | Pipe materials | Slurry pipelines | Service loads


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