Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
2012, Soft Cover, Pg. 68
18 x 26 cm

Document Type: Book


Now that the Summit [on the Future of Civil Engineering-2025] is complete, the Vision articulated, and the report completed, leaders of civil engineering organizations around the globe should move the civil engineering community toward the Vision. Those words concluded the Executive Summary of the groundbreaking 2007 report The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025. They afford a fitting start to the summary of this new plan for action-an ambitious roadmap for civil engineers to shape their own future and grasp a bold Vision for their profession. Vision 2025 sets an aspirational target for a new global state of affairs: Civil engineers will be entrusted by society to help achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life. Civil engineers, as a body of professionals, will be master (1) planners, designers, and constructors; (2) stewards of the natural environment; (3) innovators and integrators of technology; (4) managers of risk; and (5) leaders in shaping public policy, where master implies leader in both role and knowledge. Those are intrepid, far-reaching words, and following the release of the Vision 2025 report, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) selected a group of member volunteers to sketch a roadmap to transf9rm that Vision into concrete action. The Roadmap is articulated through the five Vision statement outcomes and a series of supporting outcomes.These are followed by high-level action steps called tactics to achieve each supporting outcome, augmented in Appendix A by some potential, more detailed actions.

Subject Headings: Engineering profession | Highways and roads | Highway engineering | Professional societies | Volunteerism | Sustainable development | Risk management


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